I’m Just Wild About Stationery

I love stationery.  Stationery stores, stationery kiosks, stationery catalogues. They all speak to me and I listen.  I look.  I buy.  I order.

I stew over the options. Letter-size or semi-formal notes?  Borders or plain? Regular weight or extra-thick?   Block, script, or Italic font?  Embossed or flat?  White or ecru?

And that’s all before I get to the beautiful ink colors!  So many that one is simply not enough.

But when you are not a stationAry person, stationEry expenses can get right up there.

Twelve times, we’ve moved.  Twelve new addresses.  Twelve new stationery orders.

I’ve decided to emulate a friend who is, herself, no stranger to moving.  She orders stationery with one simple word on it:  “Susan.”  Her elegant stash of beautiful paper follows her wherever she goes.  Her distinctive handwriting fills in the rest of the information as needed.  A wise woman, indeed.