In Search of Our Third Booster.

Will it ever end?  Will we forever be in search of a vaccine for the latest Covid variant?

We clearly don’t know but, in the meantime, we do what we think is best.  A sore arm is but a mere pittance in the face of the alternative.

With all that in mind, we called our local pharmacy to schedule the new booster.  We were nicely given a “slot.”   A time frame. Our pharmacy is a very civilized and thoughtful operation.  Besides, one of the owners is our neighbor. 

When we arrived, there were two people in front of us.  Whoa, we said.  This will never do.  We’d been hoping for a much longer line. 

Why, you might ask?  Aren’t long lines what we’ve hated about this whole covid-shot thing from the very get-go?

True. So true.  But here’s the thing. This particular pharmacy has an extensive medical equipment department.  And, right there in the middle of said department, are the most luxurious, comfortable, adjustable, spacious reclining chairs you could ever imagine. 

Facing but a mere minute or two to wait for our shots, we realized we’d been denied the opportunity to nestle, scrunch, and just relax in those wonderful chairs.  To get our “fix.” To imagine how grand it would be to just take one home with us.  We wondered what to do.  Our names would be called momentarily.  We couldn’t just ignore the shot-givers, could we?

Sure we could.  And we did.  We waved others through to the top of the line and thoroughly enjoyed our time in the womb-chairs. No one was upset.  Least of all us. 

After a while, we eased ourselves up to the counter and got our shots. We were also supremely relaxed.  A win/win situation if ever there was one.

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