Insanity Rules

About this time last year, I get a call from my neighbor. She has a fairy outfit. I’ve seen it. It’s quite elaborate if not breathtaking. She’s eager to wear it on Christmas Eve at the shopping mall. She would distribute peppermint candy canes and bring joy and light to all of those doing their desperate last minute shopping. What did I think of that idea? My chair was close to the ground so I didn’t hurt myself when I fell.

Now, she’s nothing if not persistent. A little while later, she calls back. As it turns out she also has an elf outfit. How about if I wear that and go with her to the mall in her fairy outfit on Christmas Eve and pass out peppermint candy canes? I ask if we’ve met and do I really look like that kind of person? She agrees that I’m an unlikely candidate. She hangs up, dejectedly, I can tell.

A few moments pass. I ask myself: just exactly how many more opportunities do you think you have to make a complete fool of yourself, as an elf, accompanying a fairy, on Christmas Eve at the shopping mall?  Passing our peppermint sticks and subjecting yourself to ridicule if not danger from crazed shoppers?

As it turns out the elf suit fit like a dream.

If I could have that much fun, that easily, that simply, again….just for a minute, well, I’d be there in a heartbeat. My advice to you…unsolicited of course….is go for it. Dress outside the box, take peppermint sticks and see what happens. You’ll have fun, too.