And not a moment too soon.   At least in my humble opinion.

Cursive writing, by law, is set to return to many states’ schools.

The reasons for re-introducing cursive are various.  Whatever they are, I am delighted that cursive writing will, once again, be taught to our children. 

Cursive allows each of us to develop our own style, distinct from others.  I especially look forward to the holidays when Christmas cards, bearing the unique handwriting of our friends, arrive at the door.  Each one bringing its own memories.

For example, Susan has a gracefully right-sloping style and Mary Earl writes in a hurry….you can always tell.  I look forward to Julie’s clear penmanship from Maine and I will sorely miss Adele’s strong, artistic hand.   My old school roommate writes in calligraphy!  The Mister’s handwriting…well, some things defy description.

So, get out the pens, the ink, the stamps, the pretty note cards.   Texting is soon to be a thing of the past.  Thank-you notes and graciously written letters will soon be coming your way.   Well, maybe not tomorrow but we’ll take it when we get it and hope for the best. 

In the meantime, carry on, all you good and caring teachers.  Those whorls and loops will take root.  On paper and in the brain.  Cursive writing benefits everyone.  Science has proven it.