It’s Common Knowledge.  I’m a Tramp.

Rogers and Hart nailed me long ago when they wrote “The Lady is a Tramp.” 

The defining lyrics are: “She gets too hungry for dinner at eight.”   If dinner’s at eight, I’ll either be over-wined or half asleep. Appetite long since gone. Hence, my full-fledged tramp status.

Even though I’m one of them, I’ve always thought of early diners as unfashionable, seriously uncool or, even worse, “early birds.”  But now!

Now, it seems that New Yorkers, cool and with-it city folk that they are, are lining up for 6:00 pm dinner reservations and finding them hard to come by!  Six pm has become the new eight pm.  All those sophisticated city peeps have discovered it’s not all bad to dine early.

Apparently, much of this is due to a pandemic reset.  Living patterns changed.  People rose with the sun rather than by alarm clocks.  And, as dusk approached, hunger pangs set it.  Ergo, earlier dining.

That may all reverse itself at some point but I’ll still be a tramp, longing for dinner at six.   Some things just never change.