It’s Good To Have Friends.

And it’s great to have younger friends.  With age may come wisdom, but the younger set often knows stuff that we don’t.  To wit:

Last week’s blog referred to the 420 blogs that we’ve published.  For me, 420 is just a number.  A good, true and factual number, but a number, just the same.

For a younger friend and reader, that number was a tad more interesting.  Apparently, 420 has a deeper and broader meaning that no one in our household was even remotely aware of. 

In short, 420 refers to the celebration of weed.   The slang term of 420 originated with a group of Californians who ritually smoked their bits of weed at 4:20 in the afternoon.

It began as a secret code and morphed into mainstream weed lingo many years ago. It’s so widely known that it was a Jeopardy clue not too long ago.

None of that means that we, here in this house, knew anything about any of that.  But now we do, and we are grateful to our younger friend for clueing us in. 

So, just on the off chance that any of you, my dear readers, may be as behind the times as we are, I thought I’d share that little tidbit.    One never knows when one might find oneself deep in a weed discussion.  As the old saying goes, now you can just “put that in your pipe and smoke it.” Then veg out and watch your younger friends admire your “with-it-ness.”