It’s Just Wrong.

The top female pickleball player in the US is 16 years old.   As the old saying goes: “There oughtta be a law.”

She shouldn’t be allowed to buy a pickleball racquet, let alone set foot on a court.  She’s way too young.

Doesn’t she know that pickleball’s a sport for older folk who fiercely play the game, knowing that they’ll be in an orthopedist’s office sooner rather than later?   Perhaps headed to surgery.  Pickleball is an orthopedist’s dream.  A clever writer recently posited that every time a new pickleball court is built, an orthopedist buys a new boat.

I didn’t have wait very long to understand this firsthand.  The Mister came home after his second (beginner’s) lesson and mentioned, idly, that his Achilles tendon felt a bit “stretched.” Maybe even a tad sore.

And that was that.

One more pickleball racquet went to the second-hand store.

And one more wife was spared the (now legendary) unpleasantness of pickleball “fall”-out.