It’s One Thing To Be Different…

Quite another to be Covid-Different.

For a while there, we were in the mainstream of Covid-behavior and decorum.   Like most, we stayed home, we masked, we shopped at off-hours, we vaccinated and Amazonned the heck out of everything else.  We were all in it together.  Things got better and then they didn’t.

Now there’s now.  The Mister and I are still largely behaving as we did during the first round of the pandemic.  And we are finding ourselves increasingly out of sync and very much on our own.  The virus-as-enemy has become diffuse and blurry.  Some still respect it and behave accordingly; others seem willing to take their chances.  Call it age, reluctance, fear, concern.  Whatever you call it, we’re in the first camp.  And we are not having fun.

And we start to wonder.  When/if we feel comfortable enough to return to the world again, will a world be there for the likes of us or will we just be yesterday’s news?  Have we Covid-ed ourselves into oblivion?   Are we just a repository of leftover N95 masks?  

Sure, we’re still standing but to what end?  Aye, there’s the rub.

Befuddled figure: “The Monopoly Man” (artist unknown), initially published by Parker Bros.