Little Lending Libraries

There was one just down the street from us in Bluffton.  It was the first one I’d ever seen. It was right on the main drag so visitors and residents alike could take or leave a book. 

Now, to my happy surprise, I find that we have one here in our little community.  It wasn’t here a few years ago and I applaud whoever started it in the meantime. There’s nicely a smaller one for children. Thoughtfully placed at kid-friendly eye-level.

Clearly, there’s a difference between the little lending libraries and regular libraries.  The little ones have no due dates, no late fines, no check-out lines.  Just grab, go and please return.  The books are contributed by residents and there’s no rhyme nor reason to their placement.  They’re all just jammed in together.  Exactly like my own bookshelves.

Most of the offerings are what you’d expect.  Lots of “who-dun-its,” written by all the usual suspects.  Sue Grafton.  James Patterson.  Faye Kellerman.  Easy reads.  I borrowed a British mystery recently, am half way through and it’s still unclear as to whether the corpse was murdered or simply died of natural causes. Oh, how I love those Brits.  

Stuck in the middle of the mysteries are a couple of outliers.  There’s one on gender and elections.  Another on media distortion in the news.  A slim volume tells us where to find adventurous arts in America. There’s even one one on alien secrets! Engaging topics, indeed. I’d sure like to know who put those books there, but, alas, unless I catch ’em in the act, I’ll probably never know “who-dun-it.”

The Mister and I wish all mothers a happy day.