Remembering. Again and Again.

It should never have happened at Columbine. But it did. It happened on April 20, 1999.  12 students and one teacher.  Shot and killed.  

And it happened again at Virginia Tech.  On April 13, 2007.  32 Students and faculty. Shot and killed.

And yet again at Sandy Hook.   On December 14, 2012.  20 elementary school students and 6 teachers.  Shot and killed.

And then again in Charleston, SC.  On June 7, 2015.  9 adults at church, in a Bible Study class.  Shot and killed.

And, it happened again, just four short days ago, in San Jose, CA.  On May 26, 2021.  9 adults at their workplace.  Shot and killed.

Those are just some of the “highlights” through the years.  We won’t forget any of them.

There have been 232 mass shootings so far this year.  “Mass” being defined as three or more fatalities in a single incident.  And it’s bound to just keep on keeping on.

It’s feels like there’s a knee on America’s neck.  Choking us ‘til we can’t breathe.

We’ll remember. Again and again.