Reunion Field Trip?

The Mister had a college reunion this weekend. Alas, we didn’t attend. We’d planned to be there, but stuff happened so we stayed home.

Even if we’d gone to the reunion, we wouldn’t have marched, all decked out in school colors, down the main drag or gathered in large celebrations with other classes. We had something a bit smaller in mind, namely spending time with a group from the Mister’s fraternity and their wives whom we’ve know for a long, long time. It was truly going to be the “refresher” course we so sorely needed and wanted.

Just as we were feeling quite sorry for ourselves, one of the Mister’s fraternity brothers sent this video along to us. Given that their class is now firmly embedded in what’s known as ‘The Old Guard,” the potential for this sort of hysterical mis-behavior is certainly real. Maybe staying home was the better part of valor, after all.

To see what I mean, just click here!

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