Some “Consistently Contradictory” Ramblings

Like so many during the recent past, the Mister and I have spent a lot of time alone together.

We’ve experienced more than one deafening silence, especially when we’ve clearly misunderstood each other.  In coming to a renewed peace, we’ve had to accept a few definite maybes, even as we establish even odds on the outcomes of our own little civil wars.

When some of our crazy ideas go over like lead balloons, it seems that impossible solutions may be our only answers. Rarely does one of us have unbiased opinions, so it’s a minor miracle when one of us concedes. Ergo, seeking common ground may be our best if not only choice.

We’ve watched a fair amount of television during the quarantine.  Some of it has been awfully good. Some has been seriously funny and some has been pretty ugly. And, of course, the news is usually old news.

We have appreciated the yummy treats our family has shared with us.  They’ve been so generous that we now find that some things are suffering from freezer burn and it is with sweet sorrow, a touch of the bittersweet and a sad smile that we must throw it out.

Having been vaccinated, we hope that our chance of becoming super-sick is gradually growing smaller. Thus, we are finally prepared to rejoin a small crowd of friends.  To let go of the sound of silence.

And so, with all deliberate speed, we make haste slowly, in search of little festive tranquility.

Oxymorons, anyone?