The Six “P”s of Success.

They are: “Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” 

It’s a good motto in general and, seemingly, should be just that much more important to those with murder on their minds.

Many of us, here on Hilton Head, live in “gated communities.” To visit, you need a pass, requested by a resident and then given to you by a security guard at the entrance gate.

Like all workplaces, the security gate-houses have unique cultures.  For the most part, they’re congenial, pleasant, places to work, but, apparently, there are those times when tempers flare. 

As a recent story goes, two security guards at one of the communities decided to “off” their supervisor by putting “eye drops” in his personal coffee machine.  Yes, eye-drops in coffee can kill.  Who knew?  Further, it’s a felony and can land a person behind bars for 25 years or so.

But here’s the kicker:  The supervisor was scheduled to be out of the office on that particular day.  As a result, he was never anywhere near his deadly, eye-drop-poisoned, coffee pot.  A foul and foiled plot, indeed!

That’s great news for the supervisor, of course.   But, wouldn’t you think that if you were planning to kill someone, you’d check the intended’s schedule?  Be up to date on his whereabouts on his day of doom? Proper preparation V. piss poor performance and all that jazz? 

As it happened, all’s well that ends well. The would-be perps are doing a bit of time behind bars, and I don’t think the Six P’s will be of any interest to them any time soon. They’ve got other stuff to ponder.