Where is “Grace?”

Where did she go?  She was here just moments ago.  She was sharing her life story with us. 

And what a life she’s led.  My, oh my!  The people she’s known, the places she’s been, and, of course, the money she’s made.  All of that has made her, at least in her opinion, the most interesting person in the room.

We quickly understood that our job, as hosts and guests, was simply to listen and be impressed.  Not just impressed by all she’s accomplished, but impressed that she would even come to our little gathering!  She already has too many friends, she’s quick to explain.  And, now that she thinks about it, she’s not at all sure why she’s even here.  At our simple abode. She usually doesn’t accept invitations like this one.  But us being us, we were appropriately attentive and admiring, as we were meant to be. So where, oh where, could she have gone?

She probably just slipped out the back.  No need to make excuses.  Her work here was done.

But, wait a second.  That wasn’t “Grace” at all.  The real Grace is sitting quietly, just over there on the sofa, a soft smile on her face.  She’s met a lot of impersonators like that one and she’s wisely lost interest.  She knows the real Graces in this world don’t behave like that.  They’re interested in others.  They ask. They listen.  They encourage.  They participate. The don’t speak only of themselves.

I’m walking across the room this very minute to sit down and visit with the real Grace and I can hardly wait.