Who Knew?

Who knew that good old fraternity names like Delta, Lambda, Omicron and Beta would become scary disease variants?

Who knew we’d find out, the hard way, that quarantines aren’t just for kids with measles anymore and lockdowns aren’t limited to unruly prisoners?

Who knew we’d ever know how to pronounce, let alone spell, Hydroxychloroquine?

Who knew we’d all be wearing the same masks as doctors, nurses, trick-or-treaters and bank robbers?

Who knew Moderna and Pfizer would be on the tips of our tongues and stuck in our arms?

If someone had told me all of that would come to pass, I would have been the first to say: “You’re wrong.”  As it turns out, I’m the one who would have been wrong, very wrong, but I’d be in good company.

To wit, In 1948 when Truman and Dewey ran against each other for President, our friend and pollster, George Gallup, prematurely declared Dewey the winner. 

As he walked out of his house later that morning, still unaware of his mistake, his friend and neighborhood cop called out to him.  His words, which Dr. Gallup never forgot, were: ”Wrong again, George.”