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I Love A Parade

I’ve always wanted to be in one. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the ultimate in my dreams. Last weekend was the Bluffton Christmas Parade. It’s a big deal in our town and my neighbor suggested that we participate. Yes, I said. Absolutely! I was hopeful that after a debut parade appearance, albeit a relatively […]

Name Calling

I’ve been called many things….some to my face and, I’m certain, some behind my back. No matter. One thing I’m sure of is that I’ve never been called a cook. Oh sure, I prepare food. I also order-out and bring-in.   But real, honest-to-goodness, get-your-hands-dirty, mess-up-pots, measure-ingredients kind of cooking. No. Not my idea of fun. […]

A persistent flower

She was indeed a persistent flower. She died several months ago, cared for by her family across the country. A celebration of her life was held here recently. Many who were present shared her illness….Parkinson’s disease….but there were a few of us from her life before all of that. It was a lovely ceremony. We […]

A Turkey Tale

At a White Elephant party a few years ago, we were fortunate enough to win a dear, fairly large, stuffed-animal turkey. He looked like he’d been dressed by Vera Bradley. We quite admired him and felt we’d gotten a real prize. We put him on a high shelf, in the hall closet for the reasons […]

To Flea or Not To Flea?

That was the question we pondered recently at our weekly play and say, dish and deal card game. One of our regulars had arrived in distress, singing that well-known ditty: “My Dog Has Fleas.” Since we’re a dog-owning, dog-loving group, many helpful anti-infestation tips were offered. One especially appealed to our friend….the one I’ll call […]

Shall I Take an Umbrella?

  Two years ago, our sons gave my husband a weather station kit for Christmas. I must tell you that there were some snickers and inappropriate twitters from the distaff side of the family. In retrospect, it was most unkind, and, ultimately wrong of us, to have treated the gift, and the givers, that way. […]

More Angels

On the heels of my (supposed) success in creating little angels, made from Magnolia tree seed pods, I decided to participate in our neighborhood craft sale. One of us makes fabulous lamps from unique objects; one of us makes artistic and whimsical Christmas trees out of driftwood and I….well, I make little angels. Or, should […]

A Small Transition

I don’t much like crowds. I don’t like being told where to sit, and I really hate to be strapped in. Ergo, I don’t like airplanes. Especially airplanes with that three-seats-across thing. The mister likes the window seat. I naturally get the middle and then there’s that awful suspense about who will sit on the […]

My Name is Basil.

I met my family at the Humane Society four years ago. It was love at first sight. Licenses were obtained; promises were made; vows were taken. Our lives together began at that moment. Let me say at the outset that they are essentially good people. And I am a superb cat if I say so […]


So I read a really great book on writing the other day. It’s called Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamotte. She’s a beautiful writer. I was perking along, appreciating her thoughts and her elegant style. Then apparently, her editor said to her: “You have made the mistake of thinking that everything that has happened to […]

Before, During, and After

They crash to the ground like hand grenades. Gnarly and unforgiving. Step on one and you’ll regret it. They fall from heights reaching 70 feet…..depending on their source. They are deeply southern in their heritage. Their birth mothers are considered to be integral to the beauty of the low-country. Their origins, the magnificent Magnolia tree, […]

Pay to Play

So, what happens when a friendly afternoon card game decides to kick it up a notch and put money in the pot? A bunch of stuff happens. We’ve always agreed to shuffle the cards seven times before we deal them but no one has ever counted. ‘Til now. Eagle eyes now imagine sleight of hand […]


To date, there are three major events (outside personal events, of course) that are indelibly imprinted in my brain. President Kennedy’s assassination, the Challenger disaster, and September 11th. I’m not alone in that. Ask anyone who lived through those days and they’ll tell you where they were and what they were doing when those things […]

Reunions and all that

Thirty five years ago, we went to my husband’s 15th graduate school reunion. Most of those who returned were, naturally, still quite full of themselves. They were ambitious, testosterone-driven, titans-in-training. I understood that. They’d paid good money for their education and they were going to milk it every for every cent it was worth. That’s […]

Digital Distress

I guess the question is who will kick the bucket first?  Those digital drama queens (aka digitally controlled devices) or the aging human beings who live here? Will we be the cookers or the cook-ees? The doers or the done-ins? It’s a toss up, at best. Most days it feels like they’re winning. We recently […]