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When a hurricane is headed our way, we do our best to be ready.  We stock up.  We lash down.  We board up.  We hunker down.  We gas up and occasionally run to higher ground. We drink. But when push comes to shove and that sucker comes ashore….which it inevitably  will ….we’re still at the […]

In Search of Our Third Booster.

Will it ever end?  Will we forever be in search of a vaccine for the latest Covid variant? We clearly don’t know but, in the meantime, we do what we think is best.  A sore arm is but a mere pittance in the face of the alternative. With all that in mind, we called our […]

Scabs and Splinters and Zits. Oh, My!

When the children were growing up, scabs, zits and splinters were common afflictions. I wasn’t keen on the scabs or the zits but, oh, those splinters.  I always figured the zits would dry up and the scabs would fall off but splinters needed attention.  Further, they needed MY attention and they needed it right now. […]

What a Woman!

Indeed she was. Queen Elizabeth II of The United Kingdom! Few would disagree. And now we watch as The U.K. makes the orderly transition to King Charles, the III. We follow the pomp and circumstance.  The pageantry, the horses, the trumpets, the wigs!  The furs, the helmets, the capes and flags! It’s not our custom but […]

Gather Ye Scarabs While Ye May.

A bit like rosebuds, scarabs have faded on the vine. And in popularity.  They’re currently and ignobly pegged as “vintage and/or “estate.”  Neither term bodes well for longevity.  Or further production. So Carpe Diem.  Time’s a wastin’.  Get’em while you can.  If you’re under forty….or fifty… you may not know what a scarab is.  And, […]

Where is “Grace?”

Where did she go?  She was here just moments ago.  She was sharing her life story with us.  And what a life she’s led.  My, oh my!  The people she’s known, the places she’s been, and, of course, the money she’s made.  All of that has made her, at least in her opinion, the most […]

Dear Dr. Rushdie:

First, let me say I sincerely hope you’re continuing to recover from the atrocious attack on your life. We know you’ve lived your life on the edge.  You’re accustomed to disagreement and the potential for danger, wherever you go. With that in mind, I wouldn’t have been surprised if this had happened in a third […]

Why? I Ask.

This is a picture of a catalytic converter: This is a headline in our little paper earlier this week: Why? I’d like to ask the robbers.  Why do you want more than one catalytic converter?  Even if you really want more than one, why go to the trouble and risk of stealing it/them? And then […]

The Six “P”s of Success.

They are: “Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”  It’s a good motto in general and, seemingly, should be just that much more important to those with murder on their minds. Many of us, here on Hilton Head, live in “gated communities.” To visit, you need a pass, requested by a resident and then given to […]

How Sweet “IT” Is.

“IT” is an old movie, made in 1988, directed by Woody Allen, and titled “Another Woman.” It’s classic Woody Allen.  All those glorious shots of New York City, fabulous music, and actors we’ve long admired. Gina Rowlands stars, supported by Blythe Danner, Gene Hackman, and, of course, Mia Farrow! Beautiful people in beautiful roles. The story […]

Geez Louise, Beez.

Didn’t your mother tell you to measure twice and cut once? Maybe you just forgot that.  But here you are now, with a boat too big to leave its port.  And the good people of Rotterdam have decided not to dismantle their sweet little iconic bridge for you. Which, unfortunately, is the only way you and your […]

And There They Sit.

My barbells.  My cute little pink barbells.  So dainty and lady-like. They’re right there on the floor, next to the sofa.  Each weighs a mere two pounds.  I could easily pick one up while I’m watching television.  Or reading my Kindle.  Do a few reps here and there.  Watch those crepe-like crinkles on my arms melt away.  Poof! Just like that! What could […]

“What Can We Do?”

It’s a difficult question asked by young women who will inevitably feel the impact of the Roe v. Wade decision.  They, themselves, may be affected and/or they’ll certainly know others who are. The issue is just too big to escape. They ask of us who are older but not necessarily wiser:  “What can we do?” […]

A Fourth of July Memory

Once upon a time, in a land far away, we were members of a small family-oriented club.  We celebrated most holidays in understated fashion but the Fourth of July was big.  Great big! For starters, we had our own fire works display!  Family picnics ran the gamut from candles-and-caviar to buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  […]

Who’s Watching?

We are.  The Mister and I are watching the Jan. 6 hearings.  Closely. We know we’re not in the majority, but that’s okay.  In thinking back to other hearings, we found that around 100 million viewers watched at least a portion of the Watergate hearings in 1973.  That equated to some 70% of US adults at […]