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Step By Step

That’s what I’ve done for the last 13 years.  I’ve taken it step by step, always keenly, and often painfully aware of every single step.  The left foot is always ready to go; the right one, well, not-so-much. It’s a bit like a recalcitrant child; it would stomp its own foot in protest if it […]

The New Yorker

It’s long been considered to be a thinking person’s magazine.  Their thoughtful, in-depth essays are intended to engage your brain, cause reflection and make you just a little smarter than you were before you read them.  There’s also a fair amount of poetry.  Much of it too obscure for the likes of me. And, alas, […]

Is The Party Over?

Oh, the parties. The tea parties, the bridge parties, the dinner parties, the birthday parties.  All eventually come to an end. Guests rise from their seats, say their warm good nights and go home.  Unless, of course, someone utters those three little words:  “Roe V. Wade.”  At that point, all hell is apt to break […]

Where Should I Put My Wine?

I look at pictures of fancy, stylish and obviously very expensive rooms and wonder where I might put my glass of wine.  Or my scotch and soda.  Or my Coca Cola. As I study the pictures, I can’t find a single accessible spot for any of those little goodies because that spot doesn’t exist.  So, […]

Doctors Orders.

We knew what to do and how to do it.  We’re pros at getting our Covid vaccines.  Two regular shots and one booster shot have taught us well and caused no problems along the way.   So, as we went to our appointment for the second booster, we thought nothing of it.  Been there, done that.  […]

I’d Love A Coven

I think a coven might be just what I need right now.  What could be better than a gathering of thirteen witches who share similar interests and activities? With that in mind, I’m seriously on the hunt for twelve, good and true, witches to join me. I’ve never looked poorly on witches.  To the contrary, […]

I Had To Take A Sleeping Pill.

No, not because I’d watched the horrors of war, or some bizarre political shenanigans, or anything Covid-related I had to take a sleeping pill because I couldn’t stop laughing. We had just watched the first two episodes of “Julia,”  now playing on HBO Max.  There’ve been other shows about Julia Child but this one, well, […]

Dear Southern Living Magazine:

Let me begin by telling you that I was, once upon a time, a devoted subscriber to your magazine, but when you got all crazy-focused on recipes, that was the end of our relationship. I actually wish I were still in a position to cancel my subscription right now so as to make a stronger statement […]

It Probably Wasn’t Any Of My Business.

No, let me be clearer.  It was absolutely none of my business but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have some thoughts about it.  So here goes. There were six of us at lunch earlier this week.  A friend had been visiting and we were gathered to tell her how much we’d enjoyed seeing her and […]

What Time Is It?

Such a simple, seemingly innocuous, question.  But twice a year, that question becomes fraught with confusion and angst. That, of course, is due to the inanity (at least to me) of switching from back and forth from Daylight Savings to Eastern Standard.  And maybe it’s just me again, but those events frequently appear to coincide […]

It’s My Blog…..

And I’ll cry if I want to.  And, cry I do when I see images of Ukraine, its land and its people.  I want to look away but something tells me to watch. To watch at least enough to be aware. To be connected, in some very small way, to their plight. No, I don’t […]


Such a simple word.  We don’t give it much thought.  We simply do it every day, many times a day.  We plan dinner, we plan games, we plan trips.  We make plans to see a movie, to visit friends, to go shopping. In the face of potential danger, we make plans to stay safe.  We […]

Her Name Was Dux   

            Well, it wasn’t her given name but it’s what everyone called her.  Even her children, of whom The Mister was one. Dux had strong feelings about many things.  Ice cold gin martinis got gold stars. Her own special chocolate icing and hot dogs, prepared in a double boiler (dogs simmering in the bottom, buns […]

A Bit On Book Clubs

I’ve belonged to more than one.  The first one I joined is now over 50 years old and still going strong.  Alas, that one was in a former life.  I’ve joined more than one down here in the South during the last 20 years.  I’ve also resigned from more than one during the last 20 […]


We stopped slurping our coffee and started laughing as we read a headline in our little newspaper back in January. It said: “GROUP PUSHING FOR MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS IN BEAUFORT COUNTY” Whoa, we said to ourselves.  Have these people ever been to Beaufort County?  They really want “mountain bike trails” here?  Here, where, not for […]