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Head Spinners

By now, in this crazy world, we all know and understand that it’s best not to read, listen to or follow much of the news.  What to believe?  Who to believe?  It’s a little like hanging out with Rosemary’s Baby or the Exorcist. There are times, of course, when we can’t avoid situations that make […]

A (Pre)Cautionary Tale

In September 2009, our son Scott and his wife Sarah were visiting us, here on Hilton Head.  Both were supremely healthy.  So healthy that one afternoon, while we were out on our boat, Sarah, being a strong swimmer, dove in the water and rescued a couple whose ski-doo had flamed out.  That’s how strong she […]

Where Were You?

You know exactly where you were.  We all do.  We’ll never forget. We remember exactly where we were when the first plane hit the towers.    We remember who first told us that something terrible had happened.   We remember when the first tower collapsed. We remember when The Pentagon came under attack.  We remember […]

Some “Consistently Contradictory” Ramblings

Like so many during the recent past, the Mister and I have spent a lot of time alone together. We’ve experienced more than one deafening silence, especially when we’ve clearly misunderstood each other.  In coming to a renewed peace, we’ve had to accept a few definite maybes, even as we establish even odds on the […]

Trying Times….

….call for silly jokes.  Hence, today’s Laff-on-the-May. Once upon a time, there was a very nice gentleman who lived by himself and decided he would like to have a pet.  He took himself off to the pet store and explained his situation.  No dogs, cats, rabbits, or hamsters, please.  Just something small and companionable. I […]

How Terribly Shocking It All Is.

Why would anyone choose to read books about missing husbands, extramarital dalliances, a wealthy murdered couple, epic crazy wild parties and an abducted presidential daughter? Apparently a whole lot of us do because those are the topics of the most recent New York Times best sellers.  I suppose we’re reacting to a bit of the […]

Has “Preppy” Died?

Can it be?  Has preppy has finally met its maker?  Surely not.  Please tell me it isn’t so. But here we are.  Brooks Brothers has apparently bitten the dust.  Ditto J. Crew.   If that’s not a harbinger of preppy-death, I don’t know what is. Lily Pulitzer would have us believe otherwise.  She’s still everywhere.  Pastels.  […]

Everything Old Is…

New again?  The with-it and up-to-date people are all about podcasts, which bring wonderful stories right to your home or car.  Just like a radio but newer. Open your iphone, buy an app, study the options, make a choice and voila!    An audio delight.  Right at your fingertips.  Sit back, listen, learn, enjoy. We did […]

Famous Last Words

For some unknown reason, I decided to google “famous last words.” Here are some from across the years that caught my eye. In 1911, Jack Daniel asked for “one last drink, please.” Of course, he did. In 1959, Errol Flynn said: “I’ve had a helluva lot of fun.”  Just ask a few of the women […]

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  We’re addicted to white noise to get us to that lovely state of sleep.  Once upon a time, when we lived on a busy street, the traffic introduced us to white noise.  The whoosh and hum of tires on asphalt lured us to slumber.   It also drowned out other […]


“That thing must weigh a ton!”  We’re usually pretty sure that “it” doesn’t weigh anywhere near a ton. It’s just something we say.  But when our little newspaper reported that 44 tons…..yes, 44 TONS….of trash were hauled away from our beaches after the Fourth of July weekend, I decided to get a better idea of […]

Santa Claus and The American Flag

Our flag and Santa Claus are, unquestionably, two of our most important and unique national symbols.  We have one of each in this house.  Our Santa Claus is really old.  My parents gave him to me for my first Christmas!   Go ahead. Do the math. Our flag is only about 14 years old.   A friend’s […]

Misplaced (Reposted)

This morning’s blog, re-posted for those of you who may have missed it due to technical difficulties on our site. Please pardon the inconvenience! It’s a much kinder, softer word than “lost.”  “Misplaced” suggests that our missing items might well be found.  “Lost” implies that they’ve taken a hike and are apt never to be […]


It’s a much kinder, softer word than “lost.”  “Misplaced” suggests that our missing items might well be found.  “Lost” implies that they’ve taken a hike and are apt never to be seen again. We all misplace stuff.   It’s usually just the little stuff that hides in places we’ve been but forgot we were ever there. […]

I Miss My Subway.

No, not that Subway.  Publix does a nice sandwich, thank you.  It’s the underground I miss.  The tube.  The rapid transit.  The metro.  I like them all but I really miss the T, the Boston subway. I commuted on the Boston subway for a few years.  I loved the system, its noises, the shock of […]