With just one click of a clicker, the lights go on.  Or off.  Another click and the television’s on. Or off.   Easy-peasy.  Until now.

Clickers now have way more buttons than they once did.  A simple on/off clicker is hard to come by. They’ve morphed into little multi-tasking suckers and they control our lives.   

Further, the clicker you have in your hand may or not be the one you want.  And the one you want is often nowhere to be found. 

This is never truer than when you’re looking for the TV remote at night.  It inevitably happens when you’re tucked nicely into bed, getting sleepy and want to turn the TV off.   But you can’t find the clicker.  You know it’s somewhere nearby.  It must be.  After all, you used it to turn the television on.  You’ll find it. That’s for sure.  Just not before you’re fully awake.  Again.

Well, the Mister and I have experienced that very situation many times.  But he, being of Rube Goldberg heritage, had an idea.  A possible solution to the problem.  And what a reliable and inexpensive solution it turned out to be.   Even better, it requires no brains, no brawn and no batteries.  And it always works.

He simply ties a long string to the TV’s electrical plug and brings the string up on the bed.  When we’re ready to turn the television off, or “pull the plug,” so to speak, one tug is all it takes.  The television goes night-night.

And so do we.