On Politics.

No, not really.  I wouldn’t go there.

However, I fondly remember the days when you could.  Go there, that is.  To that conversation.  To that discussion. You could go to those places with no fear of reproof, disdain or disapproval.

When I was young, people were always coming in and out of our house.  They were all my “aunts and uncles.” They were related either by blood or by friendship. Affection, laughter and fun always came in the door with them.

I loved to listen to their political chit-chat. They frequently and heartily disagreed in their discussions.  Didn’t matter. They were all committed to being part of the election process. Their vote counted. And may the best man win. (Yes, back then, it was always a man.)

Even though opinions were boldly expressed, civility never waned. Cards were still dealt, gossip was still shared and scotch was still poured.  Friends were invited as friends, they arrived as friends and they left as friends.  Politics, schmolitics. 

I miss that level of openness. Those judge-free conversations.  Sadly, our current political climate warns us not to “go there.”

The risk is too great.  And the potential for anger is palpable.

I grew up with grace, trust and respect. I remember “them” well.  And I miss all of “them”. 

Every single day.