I am a full-fledged JOMO.  By character and by birth.  Introverts and only children are accustomed to being left out.  We’ve finally evolved to the point where we graciously accept our plight.  Many of us even embrace it.

Actually, we, the JOMO’s of the world, may be in a better place than the FOMO’s since we can’t bemoan the loss of something we never had or even knew existed.  All those negatives add up to plusses for people like us.

Alas, there are many who suffer from FOMO.  They all know there are places to go, parties to give and people to see. They’re the movers and shakers. Social media sat up, listened and applauded them.  It can get stressful if they aren’t always on their game.  Or in the public eye.

JOMO’s, on the other hand, are neither plugged in nor bombarded by social media. Now, suddenly, we’re the carefree ones. We don’t totally understand why but it doesn’t matter.  We’re just happy not to care.

As a dyed-in-the wool JOMO, I’m hopeful that others might join me in our comfortable, easy space.

No.  Wait.  Stop.  Never mind.  JOMO’s neither want nor need hordes of people around them to be content.  A few good friends suffice.  Especially those who like to laugh.

If you don’t understand any of what’s been written above, which may well be the case, please see below:

In short,

FOMO’s live with the Fear Of Missing Out.

JOMO’s celebrate the Joy Of Missing Out.

Maybe some of the above will make sense now.  I sure hope so.

And a happy Mother’s day to all who either are or have one. Enjoy.