It May Be the Littlest Room in the House……

But it’s frequently the most expressive.

I speak of the Powder Room, the Lav, the Ladies’ Room.  It’s a space which can, and often does, express the owners’ decorative styles and interests.  Obviously in small and condensed ways.

For example, an old house’s powder room might be wall-papered with beautifully trellised roses, reminiscent of its heritage. Younger owners might choose broad stripes and bold geometric patterns.  Maps papered on the wall could represent trips taken and enjoyed.  Story books in baskets and step stools by the sink tell us that grandchildren often visit.  

Our “little room” has art.  A fair amount of art.  Each piece meaningful to us for its own reasons.

There’s one particularly unique piece of art, prominently hung in our ” little room” which was re imagined by our artist friend Ted Jordan from an Andy Warhol painting.  (See it above, at the top of the blog.) The little girls are quoted as saying: “His zipper isn’t zipped.”  It makes us smile and giggle every time we see it.  Just like the little girls on the wall.

If that’s not perfect powder room art, I don’t know what is.  So, come on over.  You’ll giggle, too.  I promise.  But, please, keep your zipper zipped!  We can only take so much unbridled jollity.