Winter’s Comin’.

Yes, it is.  Just as surely as day turns into night and summer follows spring, we know in our hearts that it’s gonna get cold.  But we’re prepared.  Maybe overly so.  Read on.

Now, remember.  We live in the south.  Cold is a relative thing.  Sure, we say things like “Cold enough for ya?” but we don’t really know what that bone chilling, deep-in-your-soul cold is all about.  We haven’t shivered in our boots for a long, long time. 

Our preparation for winter is easy-peasy.  We switch out our tees for turtlenecks and our swim suits for jeans. 

And, so it seems redundant, if not a bit excessive, that Beaufort County, seat of Hilton Head and surrounding areas, just spent $35,000 on blankets.  And “weighted” blankets, to boot.

“Why?” we ask.   Why spend $35,000 on blankets?  And super-heavy ones at that.  Surely there are better ways to spend our tax dollars down here in South Carolina.  Where it never gets THAT cold.  Ever. 

The answers are murky.  

There’s definitely a whiff of hanky-banky.  We hear tales of behind-closed-door meetings. Under-cover transactions are suspected.  Lips, according to rumors, are sealed. The debate is heated and we may never get the full skinny.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll come on down.  Winter’s easy here and if you should feel a chill, well, we’ve got you covered.