It Was a Hot and Steamy Night in South Carolina.

And it was surely a good and happy thing when the air conditioner kicked in.

And then it kicked off. 

And it stayed that way until help arrived the next day.  After much inspection, much exploration and a hefty non-repair bill, it was determined that the air-conditioning unit, now known as IT, thought IT was sick and so IT quitI    All by ITself. 

Apparently, IT has an inner robotic sensor which, on that hot and steamy night, made a bad decision and told IT that something dire would happen to IT if IT kept doing IT’s job.

Happily, on this day, all is well.  But there’s a dark cloud hanging over us. 

The next time the weather gets hot and steamy, and it surely will, we will ask the obvious. Will IT behave ITself and keep us cool and comfy?  Or will IT succumb to IT’s  imaginary aches and pains and turn ITself off again.   

If that happens, we can only wonder: is IT a hypochondriAC?