Where Did Silly Go?

It seems she just up and left. Did she feel unwelcome?  Unwanted?  Unappreciated?  Unloved?

And am I the only one who misses her?  Surely not.

Silly holds a unique place the world of laughter.  Responses to her brand of humor include groans, eye rolls and the occasional belly-laugh.   Hers is most definitely not high or sophisticated humor.   She’s especially appreciated by children and by our own “inner children.” There will always be those who won’t stoop that low but there’s little we can do about that.  Someday they’ll realize what they’ve missed.

A friend of many years ago loved to give dinner parties.  She never asked her guests to bring food of any kind.  The only request/demand she made was that we come prepared to share a silly joke. We always left with full tummies and big, happy smiles on our faces.

With that in mind, I share these quick, very silly, one-liners with fervent and sincere hope that you’ll either laugh or forgive me for being silly.  Or both.  (It helps if you read them out loud.)

First question: “How do you catch a unique rabbit?”  Answer: “Unique up on him.”

Second question: “How do you tame a unique rabbit.”  Answer: “Tame way.”

There, now.  Didn’t that feel good?   We need to find Silly and bring her back where she belongs.

Oh, and by the way, if you think of anyone you know who might enjoy these little “blogs,” you can let them know the contact which is www.lifeonthemay.com.  We love to have new readers on Sundays.  And the cost always stays the same.  Zero.