Ketamine is a drug that produces hallucinogenic responses.  It can distort reality and perception.  Frequently, the user is not in control and feels disconnected to his/her environment.

Under normal circumstances, I couldn’t run fast enough to get away from such a thing.

Why then, am I choosing to have a Ketamine injection on Monday?  With more to come, perhaps? And with the full understanding of what my response will most likely be.

The answer:  ketamine, used properly and in a clinical environment, can, and hopefully will, assist in the recovery of my long-standing and seriously unwanted relationship with focal dystonia of the foot.

The Mister and I don’t know for sure about this, of course. Right now, one of us is scared. The other is confident that all will go well. Together, we’re hopeful.  And we’re optimistic. 

Dystonia is not, in and of itself, simply a physical condition.  The mind is powerfully involved in dystonia.  It may or not be the genesis of the disease.  No one knows for sure.  But once it’s part of you, it’s a tough nut to crack.

Hence, the mind/body approach that ketamine professes.

I’ve not used this little blog very often to direct you, my dear readers, to my situation.  But doing so this time around, may be helpful to me.  And it may be eye opening for all of us. As always, I thank you in advance for being with me on Sundays.