Nothing Ventured…..

Nothing Gained.

Such was the case with our great Ketamine experiment/experience of last week. 

Ketamine is known to occasionally cause a high blood pressure spike after the injection and during the “experience.”  Apparently, I was vulnerable to that.  It was a no-brainer to quickly grasp that dystonia is one thing; a stroke would be quite another.

We, the Mister and I, as well as the doctors at the Ketamine clinic have decided to halt all further appointments.  There were to be six of them.  But the possible benefits in no way outweigh the potential harm.  Thank goodness this is/was an optional treatment; not a necessary one.

No one has told me this is “age” related.  They’ve simply said that it’s most likely just “me.”    We’ve heard many positive things about the drug and still believe they’re valid.  I’m not a good candidate to be a “ketamine kid” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a viable treatment option for many others. We’ve done too much research to discount the benefits simply from my outcome.

We were enthusiastic and hopeful about the process. A good friend who was wishing the best for the us and the foot said simply: “Bummer.”  We agree.

There’s an answer somewhere.   There has to be. This just wasn’t it.