Role Models.

I’ve had many through the years.  Surprisingly, and happily, two new ones have just arrived.  And in the space of one week!  How cool is that?

They are Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Cera.  Why?  Well, read on, please.

Jamie Lee Curtis is no stranger to most of us.  She’s glamorous, a great actress, so very, very  Hollywood.

Clearly, along the way in her career, she had “work” done.  Lots of it.  She felt she had to do it to keep up her sexy looks and get roles.  We recently saw her in an episode of The Bear (on Hulu and highly recommended).  She is now seriously wrinkled and gave a performance like no other.  She decided that all those chemicals were no good for her health and she’s embraced her age and her inner beauty.  She’ll be nominated for an Emmy for the performance.  And, it wouldn’t have been the same without the wrinkles.   You go, girl!  I like the way you think.  And I like the way you look.

Michael Cera is new to me and may be to others, as well. He’s an actor and, by his own definition, may be one of the only Millennials without a smartphone.  He refers to himself as a conscientious phone objector.  He watches his smartphone-using peers and his children, all of whom spend hours on their phones, faces buried in their devices, and fears the world is getting very lonely.  I share his concerns.

Obviously, there are middle grounds in both situations.  However, I like knowing that there are people out there, with strong voices, who give at least a little credence to my random thoughts.