Barbie: The Movie. Take Two.

We did indeed go to the Barbie movie last Sunday. Just as planned. There were only six people in the theater, including us. There wasn’t so much as a whiff of popcorn to upset The Mister’s tummy and the reclining chairs were wonderful.  Nap inducing, I might add.  The temperature was perfect.  We quickly and comfortably settled in. Things were looking good.

 We could hardly wait for the Previews of Coming Attractions.  Perhaps we’d even get a glimpse of Tom Cruise in his new block buster movie.  Instead, we were bombarded by 30 minutes of loud, mind-blowing ads and a lame Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes cartoon. We were neither amused nor entertained.

Finally, it was time for the movie. We were primed, pumped and ready to go.  Before too long, it became clear that neither of us was going to understand the movie or its message.  Is it our age, we wondered?  I never had a Barbie doll so perhaps that was the problem.  Maybe subtitles would help. We struggled to understand and enjoy but kept falling short.  Confusion reigned.

About an hour or so into the movie, The Mister whispered three little words into my ear: “Junior Bacon Cheeseburger.”  “When?” I asked.  “Now,” he said.  And we were gone. Poof!  Just like that.

We’ve talked a lot about the movie since then, read more about it, chatted with those who loved it and heard from others who, like us, left early.   Alas, we remain confused. 

Sometimes that’s just life. Or, to invoke the Looney Tunes people: “That’s All, Folks.”