Where, Oh Where, Did Soft Go?

Not to make “weather” of it but did soft melt into a puddle on a hot summer’s day?  Or turn to ice on a freezing winter’s eve?

Either way, from my perspective, soft got up and went away.

Everything feels transactional these days.  So very “quid pro quo.”  If I do for you,  then you must do for me.  Otherwise, I’ll just be on my way.

Soft implies a safe place.  A welcoming place.  A place to share, discover, screw up, change, develop.  A place to cry, laugh, fuss, and celebrate.  A judge-free place. 

I’m lucky.  Soft exists right here at home.  But it gets scary out there. So many sharp edges.  So many agendas.   

Covid and the pandemic went a long way to put us here.  We couldn’t shake hands, cheek/air kiss or even fist bump.  Elbow-bumping was the only contact sport left to us and we all know how painful a sharp elbow can be.  Soft, comforting, caring touches were simply not allowed.   

Will we ever get all the way back to soft?   i hope so. Maybe it’s out there. On its way.  Blowin’ in a soft breeze. We’ll know it when we feel it.  It can’t get here fast enough for me.