Trust is big issue. And not always an easy one to manage.

In whom do we put our trust?  The media?  Our family?  Our friends?  Our country?

And do we trust any of those entities unconditionally and with our whole hearts?

Or is it a matter of trust but verify?  The phrase not originated but often quoted by Ronald Reagan.

In any case, trust may well be a rarity these days which is why this little story is such a good one.

Jump’s Almonized Peanuts, as you might rightly infer, makes “Almonized Peanuts.”  They’re delicious, fresh, crunchy, healthy and not necessarily available in many parts of the country. 

Our favorite grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton, Ohio, always had shelves and shelves of them.  They’re produced just down the road from the market and were a staple in most Dayton homes.

Our son in who lives in South Carolina recently had a hankering for a jar of Jumps. He called them to place an order. Once they calculated the cost of packaging and shipping, they sent him the following message:

Seriously?  Who does that?????  Well, apparently Jumps does.   

They trust that the check will be in the mail when the invoice, and, of course, the product, is received.   They can’t be bothered with PayPal, Venmo, Mastercard and all that other red tape. They’re too busy making the world’s best almonized peanuts. 

Do they occasionally get stiffed?  Maybe. But they‘re willing to take the chance. They prefer to spend their time lovingly and carefully tending their product.  So, give ‘em a call and order some peanuts.  You’ll be glad you did.  Trust me on this one.