And I did it my way.




It’s a beautiful fall day today. I think I’ll go to the water. We are so fortunate to have so many choices. The previous owners left us two kayaks. The water is still and could make for a wonderful trip. Get a little exercise, too.


They also left a little boat. A Boston Whaler. 15 or 16 feet, I think. Just right for a leisurely trip up and down the river. A cool drink and a sandwich. What could be better?


Then there’s the option of just sitting on the dock, watching people enjoy the river and waving at them, saying hello, hoping they keep their wake to a dull roar so we don’t bounce around.


We could even just enjoy the water from our porch. Nice comfy chairs. There are some soft October breezes blowing. Maybe a sip of wine or two.


Lovely choices, all. Just not for me. I’m going to take a bubble bath.