Bad Bunny/Good Bunny

You have to be so careful these days. You’d think that taking your kid to a mall to have his picture taken with the Easter Bunny would be easy.

But such was not the case in Jersey City, N. J., as reported in our local newspaper on Tuesday of this week.

Apparently chaos erupted at a mall there when a little one-year-old slipped off the knee of the Easter Bunny, who was then physically attacked by the child’s father. The Easter Bunny saw fit to defend himself and subsequently both men were taken to the hospital.

Now, you’d think the Easter Bunny would have regained his composure and sweetness, his “bunniness” if you will, during his time in the ER but apparently that didn’t happen. No sooner did he leave the hospital than he ripped off his white bunny gloves and went after the distraught daddy. Again.

The whole incident is under investigation by the Jersey City police department. As well it should be.

Bad Bunnies are not acceptable role models. And so I found it comforting to learn that this particular bunny had been relieved of his costume and sent packing. The cynic in me, of course, wonders if he’ll reappear as Santa Claus next Christmas.

I’m happy to report that no such mischief took place at our neighborhood Easter Parade.

For one thing, our Bunny was the nephew of the lead Bunnette so he knew exactly how serious the consequences would be if he acted out. The assisting Bunnettes were equally cautious, well aware of their place in the pecking order and cheerfully handing out candy from their gaily painted bicycles.

Happily, a grand time was had by all.

And we all wish you a very Happy Easter.