Barbie: The Movie

All the hoopla has raised questions for us.

Do we go to the movie?

And, if we go, will we actually see the movie?


We’re definitely going to the movie.  Whether we actually see the movie it is another matter. Entirely.

We’ve not been to the movies in well over a decade.  The Mister is violently allergic to the merest whiff of popcorn.  Once upon a time, we would buy tickets, sit down and within minutes, we would, out of dire necessity, be outta there. As fast as we could go.  We eventually learned our lesson and stopped all that.

But, we’ve decided to chance it once again in order to see Barbie which we hear is worth the gamble.

If you’re reading this little blog on Sunday morning, send good wishes, please. Our reserved seats are at 11:15 am today.  We’re hoping that church will keep at least some people off the streets and that the theater won’t be packed at that time of day.

Since it’s been so long, much of this is new to us.  We didn’t know you could buy tickets on-line or in advance.  We didn’t know you could reserve seats.  We didn’t know that there were big, reclining seats in the theater. We didn’t know there were no tickets booths in the front with people standing in line, waiting to get in. We didn’t know you could get a hamburger or a glass of wine.

But this is good.  It’s a learning experience.  The experience may be very, very brief and the lesson we learn may be the one we already know, but we’re giving it our best shot.