Giving Thanks

There’s much to be thankful for right now.  There’s also much to be thoughtful about.  Some days it’s hard to separate the two.

Once again, our son and his real estate group had a wildly successful food drive in our community.  And, once again, we are thankful for such a generous response. At the same time, we are thoughtful about those who would go hungry without that support.

We are also, this year, thankful for access to Covid vaccinations.  And we are thoughtful about those who have said no to them.

We are thankful for our political and religious freedoms.  And we are thoughtful about their fragility.

We are deeply thankful for our friends and family and we are deeply thoughtful of the ones we lost to Covid and to the political divide.

We are thankful for the air we breathe and equally thoughtful about its health and well-being.

Those bits of thoughtfulness make us all the more thankful for what we have, right this very minute. 

And so it is for us on this Thanksgiving, 2021.