All The News That’s Fit.

I just love our little newspaper.  It wisely puts all that national gobbledy-gook on page 3.  Or 4.  Or 5.  Page One is reserved for the good stuff.  The stuff that matters.  Like the recent announcement that the long-awaited and hoped-for Bluffton dog park is now a reality.

That little doggie park was twelve years in the making. (That would be 84 dog years.)  At first glance, that sounds like an awful long time to put up some fences, buy doggie bags, a few trash containers and several park benches.  But, let’s remember.  There are animals involved and history will tell us that proper care and feeding of our animals can require a lot of time, thought, and planning.  More than we might think at first glance.

Many (theoretically) far more monumental tasks have been completed in far less time.

To wit, the Titanic was built in 26 months; the Magna Carta was written in one year.

The Gettysburg Address took somewhere around 2 hours to write but it could have been less than that.  Mr. Lincoln was not totally forthcoming on his time-line.

Man got to the moon in three days.  Tolstoy wrote War and Peace in six years.

On the other hand, it’s assumed that it took Noah at least 75 years to build the Ark.

So maybe 12 years to make a dog park isn’t all that long.  When there are animals involved…..well, just ask Noah.  Things can really drag out.