It’s not a four-letter word but it sure feels like one.

One must be very careful when and where one utters the very word.  It’s currently not acceptable at dinner tables or with new acquaintances.  And it’s most certainly not welcome at ladies’ luncheons or cocktail parties. 

I vividly remember heated political discussions among my parents and their friends.  It was fun to watch them, to listen to their opposing views and opinions and then sit back as they tired of the whole thing and got back to the fun of being together.  Politics discussed; friendships maintained.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see much of that these days.  It seems we walk on eggshells, parsing our words, our opinions, our thoughts.  If there’s political agreement, that’s all to the good but it’s even more valuable and important to hear and discuss differing viewpoints.  It’s called conversation.

It may be fantasy, but I have hope that we’ll get back there someday.  Our children and grandchildren need to watch and listen as we share differences and maintain friendships.   Sooner rather than later would be good.