Do I look really look THAT old?

The message from the Bluffton Christmas Parade this year was quite clear.  Yes, indeed I do.  Look that old.  Or maybe older.

I opted not to be in the parade this year.  But, of course, we went to the parade.  It’s just not something you miss. We have a great place to stand and enjoy it.  Right near the judges’ viewing stand so we get to see all the parade entrants do their thing.

We’re also in a great spot to get candy.  Almost everyone in the parade passes out candy.  Some put it right in your hands, or your treat bag if you have one.  Some toss it at you.  Others just throw it on the street and you dive for it.

This year, we stood there for an hour.  Smiles on our faces.  Christmas spirit at the ready.  Not one candy-passer handed us anything, tossed anything at us, even looked at us.  And we weren’t about to dive into the street.  Not even for a Heath Bar.

We weren’t just old.  We were invisible.

But we stuck it out.  Held out hope.  Our patience and persistence were rewarded.  We did not leave empty-handed.  The only problem was that it wasn’t candy we brought home.  It was Chap Stick.

Now don’t misunderstand me.  I like Chap Stick.  A lot.  It’s almost an addiction.  Can’t go to sleep without it.  But I don’t go to the Bluffton Christmas Parade for Chap Stick.  I go for candy.

See, there was a dental office in the parade and they were passing out floss and Chap Stick.  A nice man, dressed up as a tooth, came right up to us and said that we (at our obviously advanced age) probably suffered from dryness and it looked like we could use some Chap Stick.

He was right, of course.  We could.  We do.  But was it really that obvious?

Not one of those candy people even gave us so much as a fare-thee-well but that Chap Stick person honed right in on us.





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