I Play Bridge

Yes, I do and have done so longer than nearly anyone I know.  I learned at my parents’ table.  At a very early age.  Long before I could even hold 13 cards in one hand.  And I’ve enjoyed the game for all these years.

The fact that I play bridge doesn’t make me a bridge player.  That title is reserved for those who take the game seriously.   Actually, I also take the game seriously.  I’m seriously committed to it as just that:  a game. To be played.

My favorite bridge table includes the sounds of ice cubes over a gin and tonic or two, the crunch of cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and and much, much laughter.

It’s just not in me to deny the fun, the randomness of the cards.  In my mind, every deal is a present, a gift to open and enjoy.   A bit like a basket of fancifully dyed Easter eggs or a double-layered box of Whitman Sampler chocolates.

Cards are a great excuse to spend time together, share stories between deals and let the world pass us by. We like to say that bridge sharpens our minds. It also deepens friendships, if given a chance.

If you agree, then come on over, put a quarter in the pot, throw out the rule book, cut for deal and we’ll have fun.  I promise.