Is You Is or Is You Ain’t?

Vaccinated, that is.

That’s the question on everyone’s lips these days.  Followed, of course, by many other questions.

When is/was your appointment? 

Where did you go? 

Which kind did you get?  

How’d you get so lucky to get one in January?

Was the line long? 

Did you have a reaction? 

Did your arm hurt/itch?

When’s your second shot? 

How long ‘til you’re immune? 

When have we ever, ever gone down this crazy path?  Vaccinations should hardly be hot topics of conversation.  I mean really. Talk about boring. Who cares about shots?  And whose business is it anyway? 

Turns out, everybody cares and it is very much everybody’s business. 

Because we all want our shots and we all want to get back to business. 

Just as soon as we possibly can.

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