Never too late

 It’s never too late.  Really and truly.

I didn’t know that, at my age, I would become a wannabe.  I’m pretty comfortable in my lifestyle.  Family and friends all good.  Love our new digs. What could possibly be missing?

But I seriously wannabe an “–er.”

Or an “-ist.”  Even an “-ant.”

I want a title.  As in baker, butcher, candlestick maker.  Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy-er.   Dentist.  Consultant. And so on.  Probably should’ve thought about that during my school years.  Other things got in the way.

There are days when I don’t do a whole lot but rearrange dishes, read a book or two, take a walk, fold some laundry.    None of that grants me access to the world of -er, -ist, -or -ant. 

I also do crossword puzzles.  Sometimes more than one a day.  And there it was last Sunday.

My AHA moment.  Not only was I doing what I enjoy…filling in the blanks and solving crosswords.….but I filled in me.

The clue was “someone who solves crossword puzzles,” and the answer was cruciverbalist.  That describes me perfectly and sits sweetly on the tongue, I think. 

I like it.  A lot.  Even though I had to look it up on Google, it makes me happy. 

Now I have “–ist” status.  Who could ask for anything more?  Especially after all these years.

It really is never too late.