Oh Danny Boy, The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling……


Suddenly, it seems it’s all about the pipes.  Tending to them.  Making sure they flow freely.  That they stay uncongested.

Pipes are everywhere.  Demanding our attention.  Running our lives.

We have a list of pipe experts available to us, on our personal 911, because there’s rarely a day that we don’t call one of them.

The house has chimney pipes, irrigation pipes, electrical pipes, water pipes, HVAC pipes, septic pipes.

The cars have a mess of pipes, too.   Exhaust, fuel, window-washer, tail.

And then there’s us.

We have so many.   Eustachian, wind, sinus, and many other “pipes” I choose not to mention here.

There’s always a pipe problem somewhere.

I guess it’s always been thus.   I’ve just never thought about it before.

And you might not want to think about it either.

But the next time you beckon the “piper” for what ever his or her specialty is…. be nice.

You’ll be calling again.

Soon.  For something.

I’d put money on it.