SAD isn’t something we want but many of us get it anyway.

SAD stands for Seasonal Affect Disease.  It happens when the skies are too gray for too long.  When there’s snow and ice on everything.  When the trees are bare for months.  When the sun doesn’t shine for days on end.

We get grumpy, irritable, testy.  In a word, SAD.

So we move to places like South Carolina and Florida because we don’t want SAD.

I have SAD, too.  But, mine takes a different turn.  Mine happens when just the opposite occurs.  When there’s too much sunshine.  When the skies are not cloudy all day.  When everyone says: “Isn’t it a beautiful day today?”  Day after day after day.

I get my hopes up when there’s a chance of thunderstorms.  The possibility of a little hail does nothing but add joyful anticipation.

My heart goes pitter-patter when dark and ominous clouds form over the river to the west.

I celebrate a good strong wind, especially with the hint of even stronger gusts.

Hurricanes, of course, are a universal no-no.   Ditto tornadoes, blizzards and such.

But perhaps, just perhaps, those of us on the dark side….and I know you’re out there…. could be allotted  the occasional ominous cloud and teensy bit of inclement weather.

I certainly don’t wish the sunny-day people any harm.  I don’t hold their blue-skies against them.   I just yearn for the occasional spot of gloom.


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