Such a Bother


You really can’t make this stuff up.

Like many of us, I have to get regular blood work done or they won’t give me my meds.  Sometimes, the wait at the lab can be as much as an hour for a blood draw that takes less than two minutes.

Last time I was there for the “needle,” I learned one can make an appointment.

Since I’m due for said blood work next week, I thought I’d make this easy on myself.   Get an appointment.  Be in and out in a nanosecond.  However, the on-line process of making an appointment had more questions than I had ready answers for so I got bogged down.  At one point, the wretched computer wouldn’t go to the next page, indicating, of course, that I had entered something that wasn’t to its satisfaction.

I looked and looked and finally found the problem.  It had to do with my date of birth which I had indeed entered correctly, having done so for many years now.

As I searched for the error of my ways, the computer told me…and I quote: “Date of birth too far in the past.”

Well, listen up, Buster.  I already knew that. But, it is what it is.  Just exactly what am I supposed to do about it?   Huh?

Got an answer to that question, Mr. Know It All?   That was rude.  Just plain rude.