Was that my mother??? 

Barreling down I-95 with her car on fire? ?

With sirens screaming and cars honking ????

And, according to the newspaper article, trying desperately to make it to Wendy’s before the inevitable explosion????

Yes.  Yes, I think it was.

It wasn’t the car that tipped me off.  It was the destination.

If you knew my mother you’d know that she’d have done almost anything or gone almost anywhere for a Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and a Chocolate Frosty.  I could almost hear her:  “Damn the torpedoes and the flaming car.  I want my Wendy’s.”

Okay, so she’s changed her ghostly behaviors.  No more of those sweet, gentle, fruity aromas, stirring me from deep sleep and then drifting softly away.   No, she’s gone big-time. 

Can’t say I blame her.  Probably no Wendy’s where she is and she did love them so.  

It is reported that the driver escaped from the flaming car. (Of course, she did.)  And is still missing. (Of course, she is.)  The Highway Patrol is mystified. (Of course, they are.)

If only they’d asked me.  That big smoke screen created by the explosion?  I could have told them that it was also a great escape route for a skilled, dedicated and determined ghost.

Yep, that was my mother all right. 

May the peace….and the occasional Wendy’s…be with her.