The camellia is a lovely flower, perhaps one of the most beautiful and appealing, coming in a number of varieties to satisfy the most distinguished of…..

 Ahem….Excuse us…

 Yes, who are you?

 We are the poets and the writers who have, through the years , written…most likely more eloquently than you….. about flowers and gardening and, in particular, the camellia.

Whoa…that’s a little egotistical. Besides this is my blog. Not yours. So it’s really all about me. Are you telling me there’s no more room in this world for words about the beautiful camellia?

 No, we’re just suggesting that you might want to find a topic that has not been saturated by the real bards and writers.

What happened to freedom of speech?

 Hey, you’re free to say anything you want ….we just don’t want you to embarrass yourself.

I’ll be the judge of that, I daresay, and anyway, I was just getting warmed up and you have no idea where I was headed with this.

We see and we understand. Do you know where you were headed?

Well, now that you ask, perhaps I’m not entirely sure.

Can we be of any help?

Well, as far as I can tell right now, you’re being anything but helpful. You could be encouraging and supportive for starters.   Most likely no one can compete with you so you needn’t worry.

 You have that right. Ok…we’ll try to help. What can we do?

 I suppose letting me use some of your poetry and prose and allowing me to claim it as my own is out of the question.

 That’s called plagiarism and if we’re going to help you, we need to keep you out of jail.

 Good point. Moving right along…. Do you have any words about the camellia that you didn’t use but might be willing to share?

 If you do that, you’re not using your own talent, (questionable here, anyway) so, no, we can’t help you that way.

 You could edit my stuff.

 We could but as far as we can tell, you haven’t written anything.

 Again, point well taken but I’m feeling a little discouraged.

 We’re sorry about that. Don’t be. Just write down what you feel and see where it goes. We’ll help.

 Ok. Well, in that case, I would just like to say that I feel blessed and so fortunate to have bushes and trees in our very own yard which are on fire with camellias during the blooming season.

I love to bring them in the house.

They add beauty, life and color to the simplest of vases.

They make me happy when I look at them.

And the cats don’t even seem inclined to eat them.

How’s that, huh? Pretty good, huh?


 Are you there???? Was that so terrible that you can’t even speak to me?????

 We’re here but we’re fading fast. That was very nice and heartfelt…even the part about the cats which would not have occurred to us but as you said, it’s all about you.

Finally, we agree on something. Talk to you guys later…