Dear Sir or Madam:

Of course, I have no idea who you are but I do know that you have un-subscribed to my little blog.  Discovering that was a very sad way for me to start my week.

I don’t check the subscriber stats very often. They are what they are.   But for some reason I checked them last week and Poof!   You were gone.  Just like that, you up and left me.

I hope I didn’t offend you. But, more importantly, I hope I didn’t bore you.  I have enjoyed having you with me, whoever you are.  See, I only have numbers, no names, so you are completely  anonymous. I can’t stalk you; I can’t beg for your return or your forgiveness. I just know that you’re gone. The numbers tell me so.

I guess this is why I don’t do Facebook. People are always Friending and Un-friending….or so I’m told. I think it must get ugly sometimes. My skin’s not thick enough for that. In fact, it’s getting thinner all the time.  At least according to the little bruises that pop up for no good reason.  And that’s just on the part I can see.  Who knows what goes on underneath that.

Well, Un-Sub, I must carry on without you. Maybe you were too young, maybe too smart, maybe you started your own blog!  For all I know, you’re one of my kids.  But, for whatever reason, you’re not with me on Sunday mornings anymore so you won’t even get this little note of regret.

Just in case you check in again some day, I want you to know the door’s always open. Maybe you’ll come back. I won’t know whether you do or not but hope springs eternal.



Thanks to pbworks.com for the drop (or drip?)