Opposing Viewpoints.

No, not opposing political viewpoints.   

The views I’m talking about come from three inanimate objects in our house.  They might not have voices but their messages are loud and clear.  How can that be?  

The three objects are, respectively, an Apple Watch and two hearing aids. 

Here’s the problem:  The Apple Watch suggests that I’m hip.  That I’m with it.   That I’m up to date, on the move, ready to text, talk, and google, all while taking my 10,000 daily steps. 

The other two, the hearing aids, beg to differ:  “Whoa,”  they say. “Not so fast.  See, we know you’re deaf.  Which means that you’re a tad bit up in years.  Maybe not so hip after all, are you?”

At present, these inanimate objects spend all their days and nights securely attached to the little chargers they came with. They may be plugged in and ready to go, but ultimately, I’m in charge and they’re not allowed to come out and play if they’re going to be that oppositional.  That opinionated.  That didactic.

But hold on a sec!  If one is telling me I’m cool and the others say I’m old, maybe if I put the watch on my wrist and the aids in my ears, I could be a cool little old lady. I can live with that. Maybe I’ll let them out of their cages after all.