No, not bathing. Not birthday. Not monkey.

No, I’m referring to the SUITS television show of many years ago.  Starring, among others, the one and only Meghan Markle.  Who, BTW, is not a bad actress and has great legs.  But I digress.

We never watched a single, solitary episode of SUITS in its prime time.  There were too many ads.  It was on too late.  It sounded too soap-opera-ish.  All valid reasons at the time.  But streaming has allowed us little peeks into some of those old shows.  And, right now, we’re doing a fair amount of peeking at “SUITS.”  Apparently, and surprisingly, we are not alone.

SUITS is enjoying a resurgence of popularity.  We know this because we have told others about it and have found that many of them are also watching for the first time.  Why, we ask ourselves?

There are reasons.  Followed by other reasons.

For starters, SUITS has lots of seasons.  No need to constantly learn new faces and names.  (A huge plus for The Mister who has and always will have issues with names.)

Second, it’s on NETFLIX and almost everybody has NETFLIX.  Availability is key.

Third, people like to have suggestions from people they know.  Word of mouth and all that.

And, finally, who doesn’t want to watch a bit of MM before she met Harry?

But, the real reason it appeals to us is that it’s fun.  Just that one simple word.  FUN.  And who doesn’t want a little fun right now?  And right at your fingertips, to boot. 

The banter is fast, the women are pretty (and usually smarter than the men), the sets are glamorous, good wins out over evil and so forth. To say nothing of all the legal twists and turns and the fabulous women’s dresses, inappropriate though they may be for a law firm.

In short, I always liked the bath-additive advertisement “Calgon, take me away.”  We’re letting SUITS take us away these days. Just like a good hot, bubbly bath.