Where Should I Put My Wine?

I look at pictures of fancy, stylish and obviously very expensive rooms and wonder where I might put my glass of wine.  Or my scotch and soda.  Or my Coca Cola.

As I study the pictures, I can’t find a single accessible spot for any of those little goodies because that spot doesn’t exist.  So, I’d be stuck.  Stuck just sitting there with an increasingly cold and wet glass clutched tightly in my hand. And no relief in sight.

That’s one reason we, whose houses aren’t featured in fancy magazines, have end tables.  And handy little pull-up tables.  And coffee tables within easy reach.  We  value ease over style every day of the week.

We forgo perfection for accessibility.  We choose hospitality over decor and we opt for function over form.  If you visit us, you’ll surely see some dust, a few clumps of cat hair, and possibly even a fur ball.  But there will always be a spot for your wine and we promise your hands will stay warm and your glass will be full.

Image thanks to home-design.com