Christmas and Love

Christmas is love so, appropriately, here’s a little love story.

They met in Georgia 60 years ago….well, they really didn’t meet…no one introduced them. They just happened to be at the same place at the same time.

She thought she was this little sophisticated 15 year old, on the prowl for the preppy boys. Lounging by the pool was as strenuous as it was going to get.

He was a year younger and wore hefty-sized orange fluorescent trunks. Entrepreneurial even then, he made hamburger patties for the snackshop in exchange for chocolate milk shakes and blew up rafts so he could use one for free in the afternoon.

Their planets were not destined to coincide at that time. Shall we count the ways?

They met again 7 years later… …same place. This time they were introduced by a mutual friend.

He had come back down to Georgia with a friend for spring vacation; her parents had decided she needed to get away from it all for a few days.

She was finishing her senior thesis on Bach’s Ornamentation. (So terribly serious and more than a little boring.)

He was looking for fun and a good time..…on the prowl for the cute girls. (So very “what me worry.”)

She went to her room with her parents. He called on the house phone and asked if she wanted to run into town for anything. She said it would be very helpful indeed if he would take her to a drug store for a little Bain de Soleil. (Hey, even if you’re planning to work all week, a girl’s gotta get a tan, right?)

They drove over the little bridge from the island to the mainland and that was that.

Together, they wish you the blessings of the season, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!